Our Web Design Services

Web Design Packages

What ever package we decide together fits your needs, it guarantees you a fully functioning, unique to your business website, online and highly optimised in expected way. There are no shortcuts with SEO. You will have personal email addresses that will enable people to contact you direct from your website. So price wise it really comes down to how much content you want on your site.

Website care and managment.

For a small fee of £30 a month we will look after your website with complete dedication. Making sure that it stays optimised and doesn't develop faults or problems and also anytime you want any content added we will do this for you as soon as possible. Remember it is only the begining when you are actually on the web, that is when your site will develop and grow as hopefully will your business. This service is not contracted it will roll from month to month so if at anytime you want to stop feel free to do so.

Logos and Graphics

We also design company logo's and all kinds of graphics that you might need on your website. We can find you images if you require them. So if you're a completely new company and want to put together a fresh, clean design that best suits your business we can offer excellent help with this process at very little cost. We can also design banner images for slideshows or any other custom requirement.

Free quotations and consultations

Trying to get to grips with the type of site you need can be a daunting prospect, at Aljay we will do our very best to advise and help bring to the table what is best for you and your business. Call us for a free quote or consultation and ask any questions you like, we are here to help in any way we can.
For a free quote email: info@poppstyle.com