How our Web Design process works

Professional, affordable websites

We design stunning websites for small business's and organisations that are professional, affordable and easy to manage and maintain. Whatever you are trying to achieve through your website we will strive to help in building the perfect site for you and your company.

Step 1. Consultation for your web design

We will talk to you about what we can do and what your goals for your website are. We have to understand what your business actually is and how to make the most out of it through the website. We will advise on keyword and headings strategy, striving to get you on that first page of google's search engine.

Step 2. Gather website content

It’s time to gather as much imformation, content etc as you can. Think about what you would like to say on your site relevant to your business and marketing strategy. We can help with images, or you can take photo's to help give your site that visual charisma.

Step 3. Designing your website

Next, when we have enough content we will design a homepage giving you a feel for how the site is going to look and how it relays your information. When you are happy with the basic framework of the design we will go ahead and create a fully functioning website.

Step 4. Managing and Updating

Going live online is just the beginning. There is much more work to do with updating, expanding your content, changing images etc. We can take care of this for you for a small monthly fee. We take pride in looking after our clients even after your website has gone live. So if you ever need advice or support we are always there to help any way we can.

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